Privacy Policy

Jakarta Praise Community Church (“JPCC”) respects your privacy. Therefore, we have a policy on how we use your personal data and on protecting them from misuse or any other form of unofficial use.

Please read the privacy policy below.


Basically, personal data is any information that is specifically related to a person.

We ensure that the personal data remains secure and confidential. The personal data will not be given to a third party without prior consent from the data owner, unless we are obligated to do so under the prevailing laws and regulations or under court proceedings.

If there is a failure in protecting the personal data, we will make a written notification.


JPCC is a church in Indonesia that is dedicated in spreading the gospel according to the Bible, in Indonesia and other parts of the world.

Because of that, the method that we use in spreading the biblical truth may differ depending on the situation and condition. To use the right method, we will always use personal data that we accept as our reference in communicating and spreading the gospel according to the Bible, in Indonesia and other parts of the world.

JPCC uses personal data for the above purposes and as a center for data information, including to: 
– identify an individual; and
– be used as basis for research and development for our programs, activities and other things given to our congregation.


JPCC will take all the necessary steps to maintain the personal data secure. All personal data are kept in a safe server.

However, internet is not a way of communication that is fully safe and secure. Because of that, JPCC is not responsible for the security of the connection when you give to or receive information from us, or if there’s any unauthorized use of such information.


Our website has links to several third party websites, and those websites may link to our website as well.

JPCC’s privacy policy is not applicable in those third party websites or any other sites. The operator of those third party websites may be able to retrieve your personal data as well.

We encourage you to read the privacy policy of those third party websites that you access via our website.


When you visit our website, we will have a log and record of your visit in our system.

The information that will recorded in our system are: 
1. The internet protocol address that you use and/or domain name;
2. The operating system that you use;
3. The date, time and length of your visit in our website; and
4. The section and/or information that you accessed in our website.


If you wish to know more on how JPCC manages information in general or if you have a problem, question or complaint about this privacy policy, please contact us at


The English version of this privacy policy is made for translation purpose only. If there is any inconsistency, the Indonesian language version will prevail.